Beth Knight creates lino cut, block printed artwork sometimes combining this with collaged elements or hand colouring with water colours.

She uses the more contemporary ‘soft cut’ lino or Japanese vinyl as opposed to the traditional hard, hessian backed linoleum, combining this with very fine Swiss made Pfeil cutting tools Beth enjoys the meticulous detail achievable when carving out fur, twigs and grasses in to the lino printing block. Yet the instant gratification of peeling back the paper from the inked printing block and revealing the image for the first time satisfies her impatience to see the final image.

The bold results of relief printmaking, stencilling and collage have been themes that Beth has always been drawn to throughout her education and creative practice. Being a nature lover and finding joy in being out in the countryside Beth is inspired by the landscapes around her Suffolk home and also the wilds of Wales where she grew up. In particular she is drawn to places with a sense of history – ancient bridleways, old gnarly trees and windswept hill tops.

Beth strives to create pieces with depth and spirit, hoping to draw the viewer in so they can imagine being there, she often gets comments of “that looks just like that place I know”.

Using her experience as an illustrator she likes to create the beginning of a story in her pieces, adding movement, an expression on a face or the hint of something around the corner to stir the viewers imagination and memories.


Beth enjoys the way the printing process challenges her patience, focus and control and is continually inspired by its boundless possibilities. Developing her abilities with every new piece to achieve finer detail, represent light and dark and show texture with mark making.


Her most ambitious piece to date being ‘Gypsy Lane’, a three colour reduction lino cut which was accepted by the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers for the National Original Print Exhibition at the Bankside Gallery, London in 2019.

Beth aims to develop a distinct style of printmaking through her growing understanding of its capabilities and hopes to produce work that evokes and captures our emotional connection with our landscape.

My lino cuts are available to buy in my online shop and I also sell my work at craft fairs and exhibitions.
I also take on commissions. Please use the contact form to get in touch with any enquiries.