Beth Knight

Beth Knight is a qualified designer and illustrator producing her own artwork in the form of lino cut prints as well as working as a part time freelance wildlife illustrator.


She studied at Norwich University of the Arts where she gained her BA Hons degree in Graphic Design and Illustration. After graduating in 2009 she began working as a part time illustrator along side full time roles in digital print, graphic design, 3D model making and textile design.


During her time at university she also learnt the craft of lino cut printmaking and has evolved this from a hobby to becoming a printmaking artist, producing small runs of hand printed lino cuts for sale and exhibition at galleries and fairs.

Printmaker and Illustrator



Beth specializes in multi layered reduction lino cuts, sometimes combining this with collaged elements or hand colouring using water colours.


The bold results of relief printmaking, stenciling and collage have been themes that Beth has always been drawn to throughout her education and creative practice. Being a nature lover and finding joy in being out in the countryside Beth is inspired by the landscapes around her Suffolk home and also the wilds of Wales where she grew up. In particular she is drawn to places with a sense of history – ancient bridleways, old gnarly trees and windswept hill tops.

Beth strives to create pieces with depth and spirit, hoping to draw the viewer in so they can imagine being there, she often gets comments of “that looks just like that place I know”. Using her experience as an illustrator she likes to create the beginning of a story in her pieces, adding movement or the hint of something around the corner to stir the viewers imagination and memories.


Beth enjoys the way the printing process challenges her patience, focus and control and is continually inspired by
its boundless possibilities. Developing her abilities with every new piece to achieve finer detail, represent light and dark and show texture with mark making. Beth aims to develop
a distinct style of printmaking through her growing understanding of its capabilities and hopes to produce
work that evokes and captures our emotional connection with our landscape.


Beth’s lino print artwork has found itself used for various applications from logos to homeware and also featuring
in the Resurgence Magazine. Her most noted achievement as a printmaker so far has been having her piece ‘Gypsy Lane’ accepted by the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers
to hang amongst recognized and accomplished printmakers at the National Open Printmakers Exhibition at the
Bankside Gallery, London.

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Beth Knight wildlife artist illustrator

Beth began working as a wildlife illustrator after gaining her BA Hons degree in 2009. Producing composite and spot illustrations for various wildlife publications including The Wildlife Trust and Natur Cymru magazines as well as illustrated maps for interpretation panels and tourist information leaflets.


Drawing and wildlife have been consistent interests and passions from childhood, developing her skills in accurately capturing animals from a young age by observing and sketching around her childhood home in Mid Wales, influenced and encouraged by her parents dedication to wildlife conservation.


Today Beth is still constantly observing and absorbing the shapes and details of animals, plants and trees and this knowledge is reflected in her ability to capture accurate shape and movement in her sketches. She produces illustrations in graphite pencils, pen, coloured pencils and watercolour taking time to research and reference each species to ensure accuracy for identification purposes yet her loose, fluid style adds movement and character, combined with her eye for good composition she creates pleasing and effective yet informative illustrations.


If you are interested in commissioning illustration work please get in touch using the contact form.

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